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Paper Sky Lanterns at Your Wedding Reception

One of the wedding trends we saw a lot more of this past year were Paper Lanterns being lit and set off after wedding receptions. While it’s obviously a breath taking thing to behold, especially if you’ve never witnessed dozens of paper lanterns drifting up the into the night there are a couple of very important things to keep in mind. First, these things are weather dependent!! They just won’t fill with hot air if there’s much more than a gentle breeze so be prepared to scratch the idea if the weather isn’t

Sky Lantern Wedding Photos
Paper Lantern Wedding Reception
Wedding Lantern
Paper Sky lanterns

co-operating. Second they are a FIRE HAZARD!!! Check which way the wind is blowing and be considerate, no one wants a flaming lantern to land on a building or get caught in a tree like they did at this wedding reception! =) Also, be sure to check with the venue where you’re getting married if you want to set these things off, some venue’s will allow it while others do not or simply cannot due to certain town/county restrictions. Finally, remember these things end up in other peoples back yards, in farm fields, and in lakes, there are sky lanterns that are completely biodegradable and then there are those that aren’t if at all possible, try to find sky lanterns that won’t cause a problem down the road for someone else! Obviously if everything works out like it did at this Willow Harbor Wedding you’re going to have a great time and we’re going to capture some incredible pictures but you might want to come prepared with a back up plan like sparklers… Just in Case!! =)

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