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Fireworks for a Wedding

We hear and see all sorts of great ideas for weddings and when it comes to the end of the night having sparklers after the wedding is probably the most popular and let’s be serious… cost effective send off, but occasionally you’ll find a couple that really wants to go out with a bang and the perfect way to do that is to hire your very own team of professional pyrotechnics!

Wedding ideas like having fireworks at the reception make your day even more unique.
Fireworks for a wedding reception

Enter Michigan Family Fireworks! This weekend their team of pyrotechnic experts set off an amazing fireworks display for all the wedding guests at Don & Rachel’s wedding. We’ve seen some people do their own fireworks but have to say these where by for the most spectacular fireworks we’ve seen at any wedding reception and the best thing was that everything was set up and choreographed for the bride and groom. What an amazing way to end the night!

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