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Shooting Portraits at the Studio

A couple quick tips for getting great shots of little kids at the studio. First, timing is everything, it’s best to schedule your pictures for a time when your kids aren’t normally hungry or tired. You know your kids best and we’re flexible so we will rely on you for what time you think will work best. Once here it helps to HAVE HELP!! An extra set of hands goes a long way when you’re trying to photograph more than one child,

Portrait Photography in Saint Joseph Michigan
Saint Joseph Michigan, Portrait Photography
Saint Joseph Michigan Childrens Portraits

especially if the kids are mobil and love to explore new places. Finally we’re not above bribery, bring snacks, a favorite toy, or some sort of noise maker you think might help grab your childs attention at a key moment for a picture. Of course the best laid plans rarely go as planned so be prepared for that possibility as well and rest assured, if we need to reschedule we certainly can! =)

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  • March 20, 2014 - 5:12 am

    Stella 3mo Baby Pictures in the Studio - […] a couple of our favorites from Stella’s 3mo photo session in the studio. What a beautiful little girl! The trick to catching great shots like these is timing. It’s […]

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