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Silhouettes in the Dunes | Engagement Photos by Lake Michigan

Just found these awesome silhouette engagement photos we did last year while digging through my computer for something else… I loved this engagement shoot! We were way out in the dunes in Grand Mere Michigan with all this camping gear and ended up shooting all sorts of stuff in the dark! We actually hiked out there just before the sun began to set and set up a whole bunch of different pictures but these are a few of my favorites! There’s just something fun about a beautiful silhouette! I wish I could take credit for the cool props but that was the brides idea… she’s another photographer (an awesome one) and she’s just really creative like that! It’s always great when a couple brings their own ideas to

Engagement Photos in the Dunes in Michigan
Engagement Photos Camping in Michigan

a shoot and we can go to a location that other people have been to and still find a way to make the shot personal! It doesn’t always take a whole lot of thought or creativity either, just tie the locations to places that mean something to you, or incorporate an activity that you love, or come up with your own twist on a shot or location you love! The more fun you have with it the better the pictures will be! Oh but a word to the wise… if you’re going to bring a ton of camping gear out into the middle of the dunes and build a camp fire, and then hike back in total darkness… bring extra help, preferably someone really strong who doesn’t mind climbing giant sand hills blind while carrying rope, sleeping bags, lanterns, firewood, an axe, coffee mugs, and… I can’t remember all the other stuff we brought!! Thank goodness for Uncle Danny!

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