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A Chicago Wedding | The Intercontinental Hotel

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph a Chicago wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel by O’hare Airport just outside of downtown Chicago. The event itself was incredible but what blew me away was the interior of this hotel. It was like
Wedding, bride, portrait, Hotel Intercontinental
shooting a wedding inside of a modern museum, every room, every detail, every space was decorated exquisitely and this made the portraits a lot of fun! I was invited to shoot this beautiful wedding with the incredible Megan Bearder who is an amazing
Bridal Boquet, wedding flowers, detail, wedding picturesWedding rings, wedding photography, detail
photographer and even more amazing person who I absolutely love working with! That day we made quite the team and we really needed to be at the top of our games to handle the 20+ people in the bridal party. While it was a challenge to find the right
First look on a wedding day between the bride and groom.
spots for pictures of such large groups we managed to come up with some great pictures. Of course the shots that really stood out where the portraits of the bride and groom. The shot above was taken during the “first look” where the groom see’s the bride for
Bride and groom portrait at the hotel intercontinental by Ohare airport in Chicago.
the first time in her wedding gown on the wedding day. It’s a great way to capture the grooms reaction to seeing the bride and while nothing is quite the same as seeing each other for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle there are quite a few good
Bridal Portrait, wedding photography, Intercontinental Hotelreasons to see each other before hand and the opportunity to capture some amazing pictures and spend a moment together certainly makes it seem like a more viable option today. One of the neat things about shooting wedding pictures at the Intercontinental O’hare in Chicago is how many different backgrounds you have toBride and groom cut the wedding cake at the Intercontinental Hotel.
work with. Take this shot to the left for instance which was just shot in a hallway between conference rooms. While the background is very simple the beautiful light coming from the wall of windows she’s looking at gives this shot a really beautiful soft feel. Of course on the wedding day it isn’t all about fun portraits, you need to be sure to capture important moments like the cake cutting too! All in all it was a fantastic day, I wish I had more time and could share more of the amazing images from this wedding but I’ve got to get pictures edited and out to clients so this will just have to do for now! If you’re planning a wedding in Chicago and want a venue with some artistic flair I’d definitely recommend considering the Intercontinental Hotel for your wedding reception!

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  • July 22, 2009 - 10:14 pm

    Robyn - gosh dang these are beautiful! the top image is so amazing!! great work ben!

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