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Choosing the right location for your Chicago wedding portraits!

Wedding boquet, wedding portrait, Chicago.
If you are planning a wedding in Chicago you’re probably trying to figure out which locations would be perfect for your wedding portraits and the likely suspects are of course the places with a view of the skyline like Buckingham fountain, Millennium Park, andBride and groom, bridal portrait, wedding pictures downtown Chicago.the Museum Campus. While these are all fabulous landmark locations for wedding pictures what if you just don’t have time to battle the traffic and crowds that are inherent to beautiful Saturdays in Chicago? Should you attempt to force the issue and bend your schedule to squeeze in some quick pictures downtown and if not what other options are there?
Bridal party wedding photos in downtown Chicago location.Bridal party photos on the wedding day in downtown Chicago.
As a wedding photographer I always tell my clients it just comes down to time, if you have the time to comfortably travel from one location to another and enjoy the experience then by all means have fun doing so, BUT, if it would be a challenge to squeeze a trip to one of those locations into your day then save the skyline shots for your engagement shoot and use what time you have to make the most of the your current location!
Wedding portrait location in Chicago IL.
Take this garage door for instance, Flo and Gerry had their day planned out perfectly to include bridal party photos at North Avenue Beach, but when we got there it was so packed security wouldn’t even let us unload. Instead we had to head to the church and improvise. What we came up with was this fabulous garage door in an alley behind The Assumption Church on Illinois
Wedding picture of a bride in Chicago Il on her wedding day.Candid photo of wedding party in Chicago on the wedding day.
street. While it wasn’t the magnificent skyline Florence had envisioned the shots actually turned out beautifully and in fact they are a lot more unique here than they would have been had we taken them at one of the more trendy portrait locations in Chicago. Because we were so close to the ceremony site we could take our time and have fun with the pictures and they turned out great!
Bride and groom in Chicago location.
The point is this, if you don’t have time to make it to the lake shore or some other Chicago Landmark for a pictures don’t worry, there are hundreds of garage doors, alleys, colorful walls, and other possibilities for pictures all over the city and by giving your photographer the time to work with you on your wedding day you can ensure that regardless of where the pictures are taken they’ll look great and you’ll look amazing and that’s really what this is all about!

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