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Art Institute of Chicago | Fall Engagement Photos Downtown

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for engagement photos in Chicago, especially downtown in and around the Art Institute and Millennium Park! It never ceases to amaze me just how much fall color you can find in a city the size of Chicago but I guess
Art Institute, gardens, engagement photo, Chicago, downtown
that’s a testament to Mayor Daley and his seemingly unlimited flower and garden budget for the downtown area!! If you’ve ever lived downtown you know what I mean, the city must completely re-plant every garden bed along the entire length of the
Art institute, bridge, downtown Chicago, fall color, engagement portraitChicago, millennium park, bridge, engagement photo, skyline
Magnificent Mile at least 5 times a year… of course I suppose if I have to pay 10% sales tax in the city I might as well be able to enjoy seeing it put to good use every time I walk down the street and as a wedding and engagement photographer I’m certainly
Art institute of Chicago, sculpture, engagement photo
not complaining! But, regardless of how many new gardens are planted or old gardens are replanted there are few places in Chicago that can compare to the gardens around the Art Institute of Chicago in the Fall. The fall color surrounding the museum as
fall engagement photos in chicagos millenium parkEngagement photos in Art Insititute of Chicago gardens by Michigan Avenue.
well as Millennium Park is nothing short of breathtaking, and at times when you’re shooting engagement pictures here I can almost forget that I’m in the city at all, it feels more like some nature walk in the country… of course this only lasts as long as you don’t look
Chicago skyline, engagement photos, downtown, millennium park
up and notice the incredible skyline surrounding you! =) Needless to say we had a lot of fun shooting engagement pictures that day and I love how so many of these pictures are in the heart of the city and yet feel like they couldn’t possibly have been taken in downtown Chicago.

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