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a Vineyard Wedding in Southwest Michigan

My sister in-law tied the knot this weekend at a beautiful park in Southwest Michigan. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet and it was hard to miss just how excited the happy couple was to finally be married! While the entire day was lots of fun my favorite
Wedding photos on a farm in Southwest Michigan
part as usual was the photo walk. As soon as the ceremony and reception were drawing to a close the happy couple waved good-bye to the guests and off we went to capture some beautiful pictures in the fading sunlight. One of the things I love about
Wedding pictures of a bride at a vineyard at sunset in southwest michigan.
shooting weddings in Southwest Michigan are the limitless possibilities for beautiful pictures that you can find almost anywhere you go. This vineyard for instance wasn’t a planned stop and in fact it isn’t really much of a vineyard it was just a field of grapes next to
Wedding photos at a vineyard in Michigan.Wedding portraits on the beach at sunset in southwest michigan.
the road where we decided to hop out and take a few pictures, 15 minutes later we were heading on to the beach. By the time we actually made it to the lake the sun had set but there was still plenty of light coming from the horizon so we ran down to the
Beach wedding, Lake Michigan, wedding photos, sunset, portrait, Beach
water and made the most of the light that was left! All in all it was a beautiful wedding day and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending (except for the part where I dropped one of my cameras into the lake… opps!!) But hey that’s why you bring back
Wedding portraits on the beach at sunset by lake Michigan, in Southwest Michigan, by a wedding photographer.
up gear to the wedding right!! =) Don’t worry the pictures were fine and the camera dried out and works like new now!! Anyway I just want to finish by saying CONGRATULATIONS to Elizabeth and of course… welcome to the family Bryan!!

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    Ashley Kiser - Just wanting to know where the best website is to get started planning a wedding on the Beach at the Indiana Dunes park. I can’t seem to find a website anywhere.


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