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Wedding Sparkler Photos

Sparkler photos in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Beautiful wedding photos that incorporate sparklers are always fun to capture but there are some tricks to keep in mind if you want to end your wedding day with one of these amazing photos. First and foremost check with your venue to make sure they allow sparklers. Second timing is everything you can’t shoot sparkler photos when it’s too bright out and at the same time you don’t want to wait till it’s pitch dark either.
Wedding Sparkler Photos at Hidden Vineyard

Sparklers, Beach wedding, portraits

For the best shots you want to time it so that you catch the beautiful deep blue glow in the sky which means planning ahead with your wedding photographer to make sure you have some time set aside in your schedule after dusk. While some shots are quick and easy sparkler photos involve long exposures which require you to hold perfectly still while someone dances around you with burning sparklers, it isn’t rocket science but at the same time we’re making art so it will likely take more than just one or two attempts to get it “right” so plan accordingly! =)
Sparkler wedding photos by the beach.

Sparkler wedding exit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need to find a spot away from light pollution, street lamps and other light sources may not seem like much at a glance but when you’re doing a long exposure they can really affect the look and feel of your wedding pictures. Finally my last tip for brides who want a great sparkler photos is to get the long lasting smoke free sparklers and make sure you have a good lighter on hand to start them! There’s nothing worse than trying to shoot a 15second exposure with a sparkler that only lasts 10 seconds or one that gives up lots of smoke. Ok so that it, hopefully some of these tips will help you plan for and capture the perfect sparkler shot on your wedding day!!

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